The book aptly titled 'Freedom 2018' is an introductory piece on the contemporary art and artists in Korea.

Korea has long and rich history of sophisticated culture which its artists has captured so eloquently throughtout the history.

Korea's history of modern art is relatively short, but it Is very dynamic and is reaching new height of expression every year. Korean artists have its unique styles that is blend of traditional and modern techniques. The results are outstanding work of arts that expresses Korean history, culture, and future aspiration.

The Artcelsi, which is an organization that seeks to digitize and archive arts in Korea and is a sponsor of the book, has further showcased and popularized Korean arts to international audiences. The book will be published annually and will showcase artists from various background and genre.

Their work will be exhibited in the hook with two pages dedicated per artist.
Your support and interest in the artists and their work Is appreciated.

In 1929, an Indian mystics and philosopher named Tagor have prophesized that a bright red light that shines through the world will be Korea. We believe that Korean artists will contribute greatly to the world as attested by their current works and strong cultural, historic, and artistic foundations which they are standing on.

Through the book Freedom, we hope to introduce talented Korean artists to the world with hope that the book itself will find wider audiences and that the artists continue to create arts that can connect to the world audiences.

Kim, Eun Sook (Company Director of Celsius/artcelsi)


Korean contemporary 43 artists who were active in 2017.

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Ahn, Yea Whan
Bak, jeong young
cheong mi
cho, hyun ae
choi, hye suk
choi, sug woo
choi, yoona
cho, kang nam
cho, soon hyeon
choung, hoe yoon
cindy jung
gum, sa hong
hong, chul soon
jeong, hyang sym
jung, moon kyung
kang, nam gu
kim, dae won
kim, eun sook
kim, hana
kim, yeon ju
kim, young soo
kim, yu jun
koh, jeong soo
kwak, dong joon
kwon, ha joo
kwon, si sook
lee, eun hee
lee, ho young
lee, jeong won
lee, john lip
sunny lee
lim, tae kyoo
park, ji young
shim, yuna
shin cheol
shin, ho jae
shin, moon yong
shin, sang hee
song, soo ryun
yang, kye nam
yun, yun duck


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