'Freedom' is a name that embodies the free will of art, will be a art collection of Korean artists.

We are experiencing an increasing pace of change due to globalization and international integration. Even very traditional and conservative country like Korea is finding it hard to resist change and is forced to face and deal with globalization.

We are also at a critical stage between North and South Korea, where we are the only divided country in the world. With North Korea and America summit underway, Koreans are anxiously envisioning the direction of future Korea. There is also a stark growing divide between the older and younger generation of Koreans where the younger generation views are more individualistic.

These changes are happening on a global scale and at the same time, we are witnessing unprecedented environmental problems on a heal of evermore progress in scientific knowledge. In this environment we see ‘Halyu’(Korean Pop Culture) taking hold of international audiences. Korean music, movie, and sports stars lists are growing evermore. With a long history of fine art tradition of Korea, contemporary Korean art runs deep and wide. The fine art of Korea is shining brighter than ever, and the activities of many artists reach international in scale. Western art influence is not a fad anymore, but it has become fully integrated and matured into contemporary Korean art with its unique characters.

The Korean artworks often express artistic forms in a combination of deep personal psyche within the context of wider cultural consciousness. The second edition of the annual event “Freedom” was meant to introduce Korean artists to international audiences. Contemporary Korean artists are busy working to introduce and showcase their works throughout international art galleries and museums.

Furthermore, the event creates networking and creative exchange of ideas between the artists while the audiences get the chance to see artistic works of Korean artists in one venue. The Freedom event hopes to introduce the artists to wider audiences and pique interests among the audiences. The CELSIUS seeks to promote Korean artists and continuous creative innovation through art galleries and events. Korean artists have unique philosophical tradition and equally unique artistic expression and emotions which are reflected in their artworks. Ever changing and dynamic Korean arts are well positioned to be successful in the international stage.

Kim, Eun Sook (Company Director of Celsius/artcelsi)


Korean contemporary 47 artists who were active in 2018.

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Ahn, Yea Whan
Cheong mi
Cho, Hyun Ae
Choi, Jang Chil
Choi, Sug Woo
Choi, Yoon a
Choi, Yu Hee
Choung, Hoe Yoon
Gum, Sa hong
Hong, Chul Soon
Jeon, Ji Youn
Ju, Mi Hee
Jung, Eun Ha
Jung, In Sook
Kye Don Bek
Kim, Dae Won
Kim, Deuk Jin
Kim, Eun Sook
Kim, Mi Young
Kim, Si Yeong
Kim, Soo Yeon
Kim, Yeon Ju
Kim, You Hong
Kim, Young Soo
Kim, Yu Jun
Koh, Jeong Soo
Kwon, Si Sook
Lee, Eun Hee
Lee, Jae Eun
Lee, Jeoung In
Lee, Ji Won
Lee, Jong Gou
Lee, Sang Bok
Lim, Tae Kyoo
Na, Yoon Gu
Park, Hwa Su
Park, Jin Wha
Park, Ji Young
Seo, Eun Kyeong
Shin, Moon Yong
Song, Soo Ryun
Yang, Hae Ung
Yang, Hyun Jun
Yoon, Young Hye
Yun, Hyung Sun
Zhang, Soon Mann


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