I like to symbolize the reorganization of my emotions or to express them in color. Feelings made me think a lot. Happiness is like a candy that gives a brief sweet taste, sometimes its like a floating cloud, and sometimes like a pottery soil, and it feels like a camellia flower blooming through the cold of winter. The feeling of my depression also had a great influence on the basis of this work. Along with the above feeling of explaining what happiness I think, depression also made me look deep inside me and deepened my reflection and search for happiness. So, when expressing depression, I started to express a lot about happiness more than ever. Eventually, my work is a combination of happiness and depression. It means that there is happiness embraces depression. My way of working is to draw things I feel while seeing things around me in combine it with my emotions. My wish is that the viewers who experience the same emotional pain I felt would heal just for a second and feel that he or she will not feel alone , I hope it will be a time of healing to any of us.



profile about Choi, Myung Kyo

Graduated Catholic University of Daegu Fine Art, Dept. Painting
A master's appointment of a general school of Catholic University of Daegu Fine Art, Dept. Painting

2014 Alog 2nd Art contest 'Art Prize'
2015 29th New Formative Art contest of Daegu 'Special selected'

Group Exhibition
2015 2015 Beyond Yokohama 15 / JIN and Chiyos Galerie
2015 The 2nd international contemporary art exhibition / Gallery I
2020 ACAF2020 (The 11th A & C ART FESTIVAL) / Hangaram museum of art in Seoul art center
2020 Adieu Dystopia / Gallery Artcelsi

Solo Exhibition

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