The last 27 years have been an island. For me, drawing a picture is an island with a treasure trove that makes you forget everything once you start dancing, although it can be tense, as Billy Elliot said. When it was infinitely low, the small daily life began to appear as a wonderful treasure through the window of the mind. Even today, the image of the'father' who worked for the family more than his own ability and barely holding the handrail of the subway, and the image of the'mother' carrying a suckling child with a tired look and messy hair as if he was sleeping were beautiful. In 1995, when I was working in a small room in an apartment, I was immersed in copper prints. Because the space was small, I cut the copper plate into 10x10cm size and corroded it, and then connected the images, but the numerous attempts made due to the uncomfortable environment accumulated and became my asset. Copper engraving tools such as squeegee, needle, cotton cloth, and mesh are the tools that are used to work with brushes. When I saw the work of Antonio Tapie of Spain, a graffiti art (graffiti) writer, the rough texture of the building material was attractive and my heart started to jump. My stereotypes about the ingredients were broken, and the ingredients I found while searching for them came back as a great gift to me. Even now, when I paint, I get soaked in the happiness of a child holding candy in both hands.

Meraki: In Greek, It means 'Putting all of one person's everything into something with all their heart, creativity and love'



profile about Choi, Soon Min

B.F.A Fine Art College, Department Painting, Dong Duk Wiman's University

2020 “MERAKI” (Insaart Gallery, Seoul)
2019 “Carpe diem” (SON’S Gallery, Zurich)
2019 “Time in a bottle” Invited (Asan Hospital in Seoul)
2019 BOM (Gallery Cafe BOM, Gwacheon)
2017 “HOLD Memory” Invited (Gallery 41, Seoul)
2016 Invitational Exhibition (Gallery Yedam in Joint Forces Military University, Daejeon)
2015 “Daddy, Daddy's Home” (Sarang Art Gallery in Church of love, Seoul)
2015 ABLE FINE ART NY GALLERY Invitational (Ablefine art Gallery, Newyork)
2015 Seoul Government Complex Gallery, Invitational, Seoul
2015 Invitational Exhibition, H Gallery, Seoul)
2015 Invitational Exhibition, Able fine art Gallery, Newyork
2014 Invitational Exhibition, Shinpoong art museum, Yeacheon
2012 Invitational Exhibition, Gallery Regina, Yongin
2012 24th Umoha 24회, Invitational Exhibition, Myungsun church, Suwon
2012 MANIF 18!12, Seoul art center, Seoul
2011 Palais de Seoul!, invitational Exhibition, Gallery palais Seoul, Seoul
2011 MANIF 17!11, Seoul art center, Seoul
2011 Invitational Exhibition, Seoul Asan Hospital, Seoul
2010 MANIF16!10, Seoul art center, Seoul
2009 “GIFT” , Grimson Gallery, Seoul
2009 Space Mobin Gallery, Seoul
2008 Invitational Exhibition, Hyundai Department Store Muyeok branch, Mokdong branch, Seoul
2008 Invitational Exhibition, Sejong Hotel Gallery, Seoul
2007 MANIF13!07, Seoul art center, Seoul
2007 Invitational Exhibition, Hyundai Department Store Shinchon branch, Seoul
2007 International Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon
2006 MANIF12!06, Seoul art center, Seoul
2005 MANIF11!05, Seoul art center, Seoul
2005 KPPA, Seoul art center, Seoul
2002 Gallery All, Seoul
2001 Invitational Exhibition, Insa Art Gallery, Seoul
1999 Invitational Exhibition, Sagae Gallery, Seoul
1998 Invitational Exhibition, Hyundai Museum of art, Acamemy hall, Gwacheon

2020 Busan International Artfair, BEXCO, Busan
2019 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR(F1 Pit B 2B-06, Singapore
2019 BAMA2019/ Gallery Baum, BEXCO, Busan
2019 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR (Battersea, London
2019 The 3rd Seoul Buauty in Grace Artfair, Seoul art center, Seoul
2018 Ci Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2018 Harbor Artfair, Marcopolo Hotel, Hongkong
2018 Galleries Art Fair 2018, COEX, Seoul
2017 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR(F1 Pit B 2B-09, Singapore
2017 KIAF 2017, COEX Hall B89, Seoul
2017 Art Gyeongju 2017, Hyco, Gyeongju
2017 Art Busan 2017, BEXCO, Busan
2017 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Hongkong Convention Center, Hongkong
2017 BAMA 2017, BEXCO, Busan
2017 Galleries Art Fair, COEX, Seoul
2017 “Art Up” Contemporary Art Fair, France Lille Grand Palais-Paris)
2017 Pink Art Fair Seoul, Intercontinental Coex Hotel, Seoul
2016 Seoul Art Show, coex, Seoul
2016 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, F1Pit B 3B-16-Singapore
2016 MAG Montreux Artfair, Swiss
2016 Daegu Artfair, exco, Daegu
2016 KIAF 2016, COEX Hall A,B:B82, Seoul
2016 Healing Art Festival, COXE A4 Hall:G11, Seoul
2016 PLAS 2016, COEX DHall:G1, Seoul
2016 Art Busan 2016, BEXCO:B16, Busan
2016 GIAF2016, CECO. Hall 1&2, Changwon
2016 SOAF, COXE:G52, Seoul
2015 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Battersea-London
2015 Daegu Artfair, EXCO:12, Daegu
2015 Art Busan 2015, BEXCO:H06, Busan
2015 SOAF, COXE:G77, Seoul
2015 Ulsan Artfair, Ulsan KBS Hall:A52, Ulsan
2015 WITH Artfair, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul
2014 Daegu Artfair, EXCO:33, Daegu
2014 Art expo MALAYSIA, MATRADE Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur
2014 BAMA 2014 : Gallery Dasun, Beco, Busan
2014 Ulsan Contemporary Artfair, Hotel Hyundai Ulsan, Ulsan
2014 SOAF, COEX:G63, Seoul
2014 Art show Busan, BEXCO:E14, Busan
2013 Art expo MALAYSIA, MATRADE Exhibition-Kuala Lumpur
2013 Carroysel du Louvre Artshopping, (Le musée du Louvre, Paris
2013 Art Gwangju, Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju
2013 Hand made Korea Fair, coex : H Gallery, Seoul
2013 Worlds Apart Fair, CONRAD Hotel, Singapore
2012 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, F1 Pit B, Singapore
2012 Miami Artfair, CONTEXT, GaGa Gallery, Miami
2012 DOORS ART FAIR, Imperial Hotel : JJ Jungjeong Gallery, Seoul
2012 Hong Kong Contemporary, The Park Lane Hotel:N:922, Hongkong
2011 SOAF, COEX:G19, Seoul
2010 Miami Art Fair, Art Asia, GaGa Gallery, Miami
2010 Art Daegu, EXCO:Joom Gallery, Daegu
2010 Seoul Modern Art Show, AT Center:Joom Gallery, Seoul
2010 SOAF, COEX, Seoul
2010 GREEN CAKE ART FAIR, Shinsege Department Store, Seoul, Busan
2010 SOAF, COEX, Seoul
2007 Sanghai Artfair, Sanghai Mart, China
2006 Busan Lotte Artfair, Lotte Department Store, Busan

2020 “Fire;” project Exhibition, Chungmuro Gallery, Seoul
2020 “Every day Art, SoHwakmi”: 2020 Korean Art Support Project Exhibition, Seoul Art Center Design Hall, Seoul
2019 Dongdeok Museum Reopening Exhibition, Dongdeok Museum, Seoul
2019 Artists who became Santa, Share Gallery, Songchu
2019 Tobias, olyun Church, Seoul
2019 Ain Gallery 2 artists invitational Exhibition, Ain Gallery, Busan
2019 ! ! ! ! ! 5 artists, Gallery BOM cafe, Gwacheon
2019 Inspiration eternelle 2019 ROUEN KLAF(Rouen, France
2019 1st Anniversary Exhibition of P for Y Gallery, P for Y Gallery, Bundang
2019 “Seeing Spring” P for Y Gallery, Bundang
2018 The 20th Deungwon, Yeaji Hall in Dongduk Woman's University, Seoul
2018 “Wish, remember”, 20th Anniversary Exhibition of Art mission, Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2018 June companion /2 artists, Able Fine Art Gallery, Newyork
2018 “Like an apple for breakfast”, Gallery Now, Seoul
2018 50th Anniversary Exhibition Dongduk Woman's University, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul
2018 May companion /2 artists, Able Fine Art Gallery, Seoul
2018 WINTER BREEZE, Gallery Violet, Seoul
2018 Wish, Onyu Gallery, AnYang
2018 “Scenery inside me”, P for Y Gallery, Bundang
2018 Small Painting, Gallery Violet, Seoul
2017 Onyu Gallery 2 artists exhibition, Choi Soonmin, Nam Yeoju, Onyu Gallery, Anyang
2017 “Beautiful Home, Beautiful People”, Art M space Gallery, Seoul
2017 “Hi, Our Home”, GS caltex Yeaulmaru Hall, Yeosu
2017 Re-Play, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul
2016 Women these days, Sinpoong Museum of art, Yeacheon
2016 Adieu 2016, Onyu Gallery, Pyeongchon
2016 Winter scenery, small gift, MOON Fine Art Gallery, Seoul
2016 Cotton, Dongduk Woman's University, Seoul
2016 SUMMER 1.2.3, Gallery Doo, Seoul
2016 TODAY. Dongduk 100 people, Dongduk art gallery, Seoul
2016 In the spring of April. . ., BOM Gallery, Gwacheon
2016 MOON Fine Art Gallery Collection, Seoul
2015 Homescape-Thoughts about the house, Lotte Gallery Gwangju branch, Gwangju
2016 Winter scenery of 12 artists, MOON Fine Art Gallery, Seoul
2015 Hwang Chang Bae's Memory, Gumbosung art center, Seoul
2015 50 Years of Korean Christian Art, Misulsege Gallery, Seoul
2015 Treasure island, Yangpyeong art museum, Yangpyeong
2015 Summer, Seoul Asan Hospital Gallery, Seoul
2015 Homescape-Thoughts about the house, Lotte Gallery Daejeon branch, Daegeon
2015 BOM cafe Galley, Gwancheon
2015 Homescape-Thoughts about the house, Lotte Gallery anyang branch, Anyang
2015 “Father's House”, Taepyeongyang Gallery, Yongin
2015 Wish - Wing, Gallery Eccle, Bundang
2014 CHRISTMAS Small Works, EK art Gallery, Seoul
2014 Heart to heart, Eco Femme Sponsorship Exhibition, Seoul
2014 Alio December, Alio Gallery cafe, Bundang
2014 Heart to heart, Eco Femme Sponsorship Exhibition, Seoul
2014 The 48th Korean Art Association,
2014 Choi Soonmin, Nam, Yeoju, K art Gallery, Seoul
2014 Vietnam Mission Christian Art Charity, K-art Gallery, Seoul
2014 Cotton, Dongduk Woman's University, Seoul
2014 The 18th Deungwon, Dongduk Woman's University, Seoul
2014 Sponsored the construction of a library in Vietnam, K-art gallery, Seoul
2014 A Midsummer Night's, Dongduk Woman's University, Seoul
2014 Eco Femme Sponsorship Exhibition, cafe Rei, Seoul
2013 FreshAir Fine Arts Festival (The Luxe Art Museum, Singapore
2013 Westend cafe, Seoul
2013 Gallery Supportment, Seoul
2013 Korea-centered artists, Gunpo Culture & Art center
2013 Small Works and Charity serving with love, Beautiful Land, Seoul
2013 Gift with love, Seoul Art Center Art Shop, Seoul
2013 December's gift, Seoul Asan Hospital, Seoul
2013 Open the Door, Dongduk Woman's University, Seoul
2013 As First time, Gallery AP, Seoul
2013 BARA, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2013 15th Anniversary Art Mission Commemoration, Road, Sun Gallery, Seoul
2013 The 5th Life-Tree, (Palais Seoul, Area, Hangaram art, Or Gallery, Seoul
2013 3 sting, Atrier Gallery, Anyang
2013 Lee House, Seoul
2013 DAY BY DAY, Asan Gallery, Seoul
2013 Happy Tea time, Gallery Sun, Seoul
2013 BomBomBom, GaGa Gallery, Seoul
2013 Choi Soonmin, Seo Jungmin, Jum Gallery, Seoul
2013 Liverty Space, Jum Gallery, Seoul
2012 WITH, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2012 Art Mission, Bit Gallery, Seoul
2012 Merry Merry Creations!!!, Simon Gallery, Seoul
2012 The world together, Gallery Grace, Seoul
2012 Cheongdam Art Festival, jj jungjeong Gallery, Seoul
2012 Thanks! THAILAND, Central World, Bangkok
2012 Arms of Grace1., Giguchon church, Bundang
2012 Arms of Grace2., Endeco Gallery, Seoul
2012 As First time, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2012 Choi Soonmin, Nam, Yeoju, Damian Gallery Bundang
2012 Shall We Dance, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul
2012 5 artists, H Gallery in Hyundai Department Store Mia branch, Seoul
2012 Hyundai Department Store Muyeok branch, Seoul
2011 Feast of Korean Artists, 45th Korea art Association, SETEC, Seoul
2011 The world together, Support Art mission, Gallery Palais Seoul
2011 Song of December, JJ Jung Jeong Gallery, Seoul
2011 First time, Sohyang Gallery, Paju
2011 Goes into our bag, Gallery Zainxino, Seoul
2011 Tove, Gallery Chungha, Bundang
2011 Give_u Love_u ART Festival, Hyundai Department Store Mia branch, Seoul
2011 Praying for you, Idm Gallery, Busan
2011 The 1st Anniversary Jum Gallery, Jum Gallery, Seoul
2011 Celebrating Jesus' suffering and resurrection, Jum Gallery, Seoul
2011 “Art Korea Tove”, Gallery Gallery Beseto, Seoul
2011 As First time, Insa art center, Seoul
2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jum Gallery, Seoul
2010 “I Love you” FN art center, Seoul
2010 The 10th Opening Anniversary, United Gallery, Seoul
2010 Gallery G, uiwang
2010 Invitation to commemorate the opening of Somang Prison, Yeoju
2010 Gift, Jum Gallery, Seoul
2010 image of heart, TJH Gallery, Seoul
2010 A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, Newyork
2010 London - Manchester, Double Show, London
2010 Art Korea, Seoul Daechi Church, Seoul
2010 The 100th Anniversary Dongduk Woman's University, Dongduk Art gallery, Seoul
2010 Joyful, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2010 Joom Gallery, Seoul
2010 Shinsege Department Store, Gangnam Blanch-First lounge, Seoul
2010 Spring, Beautiful Eartj, Church of love, Seoul
2009 Shinsege Department Store, Main Blanch-First lounge, Seoul
2009 Hangichong, SEMA, Seoul
2009 Garden of soul, 11st Art Mission Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2009 4th 2009 Home Coming day, Central World, Bangkok
2009 Tai Christ Support, Milal Museum of Arts, Seoul
2009 Tai Christ Support, Youngrak Church, Seoul and more than......

2002 JoongAng Art Exhibition (Winner: Hoam Gallery, Seoul)
2001 Korea-Germany Art Association, Competition Exhibition (Winner:Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul)
2000 Korea Modern Print making Competition (Special award: Jongro Gallery, Seoul)
2000 Korean Christian Art Exhibition (Winner: Ilmin Museum of Arts, Seoul)
1999 Korean Christian Art Exhibition (Winner: Ehwa art Museum, Seoul)
1998 17th Korea Art Exhibition (Winner:National museum of modern and Contemporary Arts, Seoul)
1998 Korean Christian Art Exhibition (Winner: Ehwa art Museum, Seoul)
1997 16th Korea Art Exhibition (Winner:National museum of modern and Contemporary Arts, Seoul)

National museum of modern and Contemporary Arts(Art bank) / Seoul Asan Hospital(Seoul) / Myungsun Chruch / Somang Prison(Yeoju) / Shinpoong Museum of Arts(Yeacheon)/ Incheon Central Hanbang Hospital / Contemporary Art Center(Ulsan) / Shine Villege Resort(Jeju) / Private collection more..

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