As we enter the digital era from analogue, we can find the image of modern people who are struggling with so much information. As it was said that excessiveness is not enough, the appearance of modern people living without forgetting their true nature in an urgent reality to be seen, including loss of humanity and SNS addiction. I also look at the images of others on the social media, cover my original life with joy, and post all kinds of good images on the social media, enjoy my life, and deceive others. In these intertwined images, it is not easy to say who I am. The lives of modern people who are busy circulating and entangled in the infinite development than ever before are like fakes. Also, there are times when I think about what honesty is. Everyone has a variety of different aspects. At the same time, it is not easy how to reveal and express me, and I am always worried about having to honestly acknowledge and accept myself to some extent. The screen is formed by looking into and acknowledging the boundaries of the emotions of various situations of modern people through the work and expressing their thoughts sincerely. In the end, each of these elements is gathered to form the whole work. The works are faces without facial expressions, complex spatial repetition and obsessions are intertwined.Modern people live repetitive and passive lives as a single order, and our appearances becoming unified in the complexity are losing our individuality and humanity no longer exists. It hides and reveals a section of modern society that cannot be felt with colorful colors and colorful patterns. The change of various color painting forms filling the screen in order to dissolve the way of attitude in my life in my work is the enemy who recognizes the current me and seeks a better me. It can be said to be an expression of dramatic action. Complex colorful images are a device that expresses my sloppy mind that I want to hide one by one and hide at the same time. What is shown as a repetition of the diversity of the similarity of the forms shows my attitude to find change and newness in my daily life, and it is my story that wants to completely reveal myself in the work but also hide it. At the same time, it is a cross-section of modern people.



profile about Choi, Yu Hee

2009 M.F.A Dept. painting, Sungshin Woman University, Seoul
2004 B.F.A Dept. painting, Hyubsung University, Seoul

Solo Exhibition
2020 What’s important? (Invitational Exhibition), Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul
2019 Black Rain, (Invitational Exhibition), Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul
2017 A glorious day, Cyart Space, Seoul
2011 Human by Hideholic (Invitational Exhibition), Gallery U-Duck, Seoul
2010 Hideholic, (Invitational Exhibition), Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2008 Hideholic, Gana Art Space, Seoul

2 Artists Exhibition
2018 The Memory Collage from Objects (HWANG Min Hee & CHOI Yu Hee), Gallery artbn, Seoul
2011 Kick the Moon(Nari choi & Yuhee choi), Yeobzip Gallery, Seoul

3 Artists Exhibition
2020 '____,____.' Exhibition, Exclusive 3 Artist Exhibition of Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul

Group Exhibition
2020 From everyday life (Son, Yu Hwa: An, So Yeon: Choi, Yu Hee: Choi, Yoon Jung), Gallery The Flow, Seoul
2020 Adieu Dystopia, Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul
2020 BAMA, (9th Busan International Gallery Artfair), BEXCO, Busan
2019 FREEDOM 2019 ’Tomorrow different from yeaterday', Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
2018 She is Beautiful, Salon de AMAZ, Seoul
2015 nan-u,nan-won, Ara Art Center, Seoul
2014 Review - painting canvas, Sungshin Woman's University museum, Seoul
2010 The Spectrum of Pure Harmony_Providence University Art Center_Taiwan
2010 45th Anniversary Sungshin Woman's University, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2009 Tempus Arti Summer 2009-LANDEN-LINTER-ZOUTLEEUW, Tempus Arti, Belgium
2009 Light-Design+space, Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2009 GwanHoon project artists, (Lee, Dongjo: Choi, Yuhee: Kim, junki, SINN), Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2009 One Point in Six, Gwanhoon Project, Gwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2007 nan-u,nan-won, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2020 Sellected Goverment Support of a Artist under exclusive contract with gallery (Korea Arts Management Service)
2018 Sellected Gallery Artcelsi Project Artists
2009 Sellected Arco New Artist Criticism Workshop
2009 Sellected Gwanhoon Gallery Project Artists

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