The beginning of my work, began with the intention of breaking stereotypes. Through the intentional process, I selected individual prints, took a portion of the image and repeated flipping, cutting, pasting, and connecting. That process was unplanned and tried to use only impromptu senses. By excluding intentions and plans, I tried to express restrained beauty. Sometimes it's not enough, Sometimes even the overflowing passion for work, It was created with the desire to leave only the nature my new perspective of life, Minimal Life. About expression, about art, about survival, I want to live with the least.



profile about Hwang, Hyun Hwa

Graduated from Department of Sculpture at Ewha Womans University

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Solo Exhibition (Insaartcenter)
2016 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Cyart Space)
2015 Invitation Exhibition (Mana Art Space)
2015 Solo Exhibition (Gallery 1898)
2015 Invitation Exhibition (Leehyung Art Center)
2014 Solo Exhibition (Gana Art Space)

Group Exhibitions
2019 ‘Now & Future’ The Korean Contemporary Artist Exhibition (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum) & Domestic and International over 40 times

2014 Korea Modern Print Maker Association Art Festival (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul)
2014 Daejeon Metropolitan Fine Art Grand Contest
2014 Excellence Award, Grand Art Open-Exhibition Of Korea
2014 Special Prize, National Art Exhibition
2013 Special Prize, Korea Art Culture Association

Member of Philoprint Printmakers' Association, Seoul, Korea
Member of Korea Modern Printmaker's Association

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Daeneung Building 2F. Gangnamdae-ro 107gil 21,
Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea


+82 2 541 8903

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