Brushing pass, & .....
I gently shook off cloud that rested on my back. Cloud sullenly raised itself up and crawled under the crescent moon. Beneath it flew rapidly away a big bird having silver feathers. The speed and roaring the bird arouse made me burdened. I sat down on the biggest tree hiding myself from the noise. Fleeing from it, I became seated under the tallest tree. Looking over far down there, I quickly gazed through the trees. There are the valley deep inside, overflowing with muddy water caused by heavy rain last night. Among them are the fish which are moving perplexed. What is it? I believe in the valley is something unknown movements. Down there, some people are shouting ' look at the eagle' pointing at me. I draw these things. So what?




Jo, Mi Hyang

Toss the Map
I chose to explore the canvas like a traveller who has"tossed away" her map and is instead prepared to greet the unexpected. In this way every step becomes a first step. . . connected to the previous step but not dependent on it.

I try not to bring any preconceived notions to the canvas, instead having immediate, spontaneous, first expressions sustained throughout the creation of the work. I rely on my inner dynamic energy and while this may at times reflect my subjective needs I struggle to eliminate my consciousness from the process. In this way I believe that the painting reveals its own willpower, apart from my own. Like D.H Lawrence said, "Don't trust the storyteller but trust the story itself."

I don't demand harmony in colors nor in the gesture of the strokes. My method allows them to be what they are and do whatever they want. I don't mind discord in my paintings because I believe that real harmony, real peace will exist in the composition of chaos and discord. Not in the result of an imposed, convenient process to harmony.

I stress the individuality of each stroke, through various strokes and lines. At times this leads to my subconscious and a personal experience of self. In this way the work sometimes teaches me. I don't burden the colors with meaning. Rather I accept their communication with each other. . . chit-chat, murmuring, screaming, strokes, gestures, colors collide. Relying on an inner pulse, not demanding a next step, just creating one, until the work achieves its own fulfillment. In this process I am freed of formal structure. I am an artist as agent, leading to an eventual revelation.

As an eagle in the sky and a mole underground don't bother each other, just live together in this earthly world, I'd like to portray the image of "coexistence" of every living and not living things.

Beyond the forest of forms
He feels hunger. Heading to the scent from far front of him, he strolls slowly (but at the pace of his own ) Oh, those colors! A wall full of numerous glitters and tint comes up to him all of a sudden. His eyes are dazed by the glory. His hunger vanishes into thin air. He takes a deep breath of luster.

He gets near the wall to feel it with his whole body. Is it soft or is it coarse? Seen close up, the wall is much greater, and full of dazzling color. Then the scent grows stronger. Ah, I felt hunger, right? I should go into this wall. 'Cause it would be the spring of the scent. He chews the wall with his teeth. Gosh! This wall is hard! He hesitates for while. However, the hunger rules, he bit the wall and thrusts his head into it.

He gose through the wall with his whole body. Through the damp area full of color like gold, spring green, white and the shade without specific color, he swallowed the sweet nectar vigorously, The tecture of dampness is so sensuous. Looking back, there is the winding road laid he went through. Having full of stomach, he fell asleep. Sleep comes with dreams......Then the next moment, he faintly felt falling down. On a shiny day of autumn, a boy picked a big apple, enjoying the weaght. His whistle distrupted the apple worm's sweet dreams.

Ah, what a sunny day!


profile about Jo, Mi Hyang

1981 Korean Language & Literature' Kyung-buk University
2002 Fine Art Graduate School, Youngnam University

2020 Figure Origin, Galerie Flax, Ciermont Ferrand, France(29th)
2020 Figure Origin, NUMBER THE STAR, DAEGU
2020 Figure Origin, Gallery the HUE, Daegu
2019 Figure Origin, GALLERY MOON101, Daegu
2019 Figure Origin, ON-ART GALLERY, Busan
2017 Figure Origin, SPACE129 & Gallery Sagye, Daegu
2017 Figure Origin, 89Galerie, Paris
2017 Jo Mihyang, Gallery Samdeuk Avenue, Daegu
2016 Figure Origin, Yeongcheon Art Studio, yeongcheon
2016 toss the map! Ⅱ, Gallery the HUE , chengdo
2016 toss the map!’ Yedam Gallery , Daegu, korea
2016 Normandie Contre-Courant , Honfleur, France
2016 toss the map! Gallery the HUE , chengdo
2015 Figure Origin' TOPOHAUS gallery, Seoul
2014 Jo Mihyang Exhibition' Debec VIP Lounge, Daegu
2013 Toss the map' Art-C Company, Seoul
2012 Toss the map' Cyart gallery, Seoul
2011 Toss the map' gallery Sky Yeon, Seoul
2011 Toss the map' Bongsan cultural center, Daegu
2008 Brushing pass.....& Singsang gallery, Seoul
2006 Brushing pass.....& gallery CUBE C, Daegu
2004 Gestures in Karma Ⅰ' Cuture & Arts Center, Daegu
2002 Gestures in Karma Ⅱ' DeBec Plaza Gallery,, Daegu
2002 Drawings for inner Rythm' DeBec Plaza Gallery, Daegu
1997 Paintings for inner Rythm' Gallery Bongsung, Daegu

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