Invisible inner feelings or thoughts are freely expressed on canvas without any form or composition. Neither any aesthetic interpretation nor a philosophical viewpoint, but the feelings of the day leads the way. Work begins only when hands are in consonance with the mind. In order not to miss the emotional state of the moment, hands work fast using the ink varying from shallow to deep tones. My work is created in the process of unraveling the inner feelings through consciousness and unconsciousness. It begins with the act of drawing, rubbing, and scratching with bare hands in accordance with the flow of mind in a state of unconsciousness. Feelings of the moment become points, lines, or shapes freely crossing the space and the time. They move around in rhythms and the blank space embraces the momentum energy of them. The blank space is a space created by intentionally left undrawn and it is another world connected with deep and calm meditation. Sometimes conceptual images and abstract images appear in the same space, or somewhat rough touches are added to the canvas. As the work of embodying the invisible feelings cannot be complete by nature, various approaches and methods will be tried also in the future. As my inner world expands and grows through my work, I hope someone will find in my work a window to look over the essential meaning of life.



profile about Kang, Young Hi

BFA Depatment of painting collage of art
Sung shin university, Seoul Korea

Solo exhibition
2020 The 16th . Gugu Gallery . Seoul Korea
2019 The 15th . Gugu Gallery . Seoul Korea
2018 The 14th , Gugu Gallery . Seoul .Korea
2018 The 13th . Artrie Gallery , Seoul Korea
2017 The 12th . United Gallery . Seoul Korea
2015 The 11th . Doo Gallery . Seoul Korea
2014 The 10th . Seohak-artspace . Jeonju Korea
2014 The 9th . Artrie Gallery . Anyang Korea
2013 The 8th . Spring Gallery . Gwachun Korea
2012 The 7th . Hwabong Gallery . Seoul Korea
2010 The 6th . Spring Gallery . Gwachun Korea
2008 The 5th . Lamer Gallery . Seoul Korea
2006 The 4th . Lotte Gallery . Gyeonggjdo Korea
2005 The 3th . Ho Gallery . Seoul Korea
1998 The 2th . Woongjeon Gallery . Seoul Korea
1991 The 1th . Movieplaza Anyang . Gyeonggido Korea

Group exhibition
2020 To save, to seek exhibition . Gallery Miseulsegae
2017 Color spectrum . Glass Island Macart Museum
2017 ~ 2018 Six artist exhibition . Gana Insa Art Center
2015 A four artist exhibition . Gallery Doo
2010 ~ 2012 Korea Women artist association exhibition . Gana Insa Art Center
2010 Korea artist 100 exhibition . Gallery Violet
2010 ~2008 See-all exhibition . Gongpyeong Art Center
2006 Fragrance of Spring . Lotte Gallery

Art Fair
2020 Busan BIAF
2018 Galleries Art Fair
2017 Seoul, Busan, Daegu
2016 SOAF, Shanghai
2011 Shanghai
2010 Shanghai, Daegu

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