Growing up I have interested in human and human issues in particular just like being human the first time in this present life because of my previous life which had lived the heaven according to my fortune and destiny. Deepening interest in the relationship or psychological and I have researched history. While studying the history of human I was concerned with the history of the origins of human life. Theme of my artwork which is material of the ceremonial burial of Silla, have started from the question about the world after death.

Universe’s circulation
I am so various accumulating experience as to do insight about previous existence and after death. The mental zeitgeist of my painting is based on oriental art. I always research traditional Korean paper and ink and extensive researching various colors and materials in the world in order to use without clogging. Over the ridge of my life which was intense and keen, I'm blessed with tastes and a susceptible life. In the future, I will be expressing about my life's wisdom and changes. I hope my journey is smooth sailing and continuing.




Traces of creation and extinction

Park, Young-taek (Professor, Gyeonggi University, Art Critic)

The history of living things that have appeared on Earth counts about 3.8 billion years. Humans evolved from Australopithecus in eastern Africa about 2.5 million years ago, and Homo sapiens, today's humanity, became the master of the Earth about 70,000 years ago. And from about 70,000 years ago to 30,000 years ago, the first objects that could be clearly labeled as works of art or jewelry appeared. Finally, culture and history have begun. It is said that it was possible, first of all, because Homo sapiens had the ability to speak language. From then on to the present, countless humans have made life, created art, and unfolded everything in life. The individual human body will be imprinting the memories of all mankind that have survived so far in the genetic factors. Therefore, one individual's life may be reviving and experiencing the entire history of mankind. It is impossible to remember all of the myriad life stories and history of individual living things, and the struggles of living things. Strictly speaking, we cannot fully understand and reproduce life and the world. However, there is only one view of life and world view (which is bound to be fragmented) formed by the memories and experiences of a person's life. Anyway, the act of art is the expression of everything that a person feels and thinks, and this is a world of so-called “represented reality”. That becomes the subject of the work. It contains the artist's memories and experiences of life, and some kind of perception of the world and objects. It is said that there is the reason of life and the realization of life, which the artist himself perceived, and the attempt to prove the authenticity of his logic through the act of drawing is understood as an art act. At this point, art is closely linked to the so-called value judgment problem. Therefore, the authors' themes, methodologies, and ideas about art are also attributable to this value judgment.

Eun-suk Kim intentionally leaves several traces on her screen. These are accidental and inevitable traces. The traces gather to create the subject and content of her paintings. Although there is no specific object, the entire process of painting seems to imply and symbolize a specific subject. First of all, layers of paint, traces flowing and flowing, and countless gestures are projected intact on the screen. It implies a distant texture of time. At the same time, it visualizes and substantiates the disappearance of many living things and the creation and extinction of civilizations. Thus, the screen is not a single plane, but rather a space in which several layers of spaces are repeatedly stacked with parallax. The space is both showing and blocking, and is transparent and partially opaque. Therefore, the traces raised with a slight height and texture on the plane do not represent or imply a specific object, but are also filled with a state of self-sufficient expression by itself. It is also a directing that implies a material state or an primitive state before indicating or reproducing something. Therefore, it is a manifestation that paints and brushstrokes can be sufficiently expressive and artistic in themselves before they describe visual objects that anyone can recognize. Perhaps it is a deliberate confusion against all representations, an allowance for chance and uncertainty. In fact, an image is a fleeting desire to reproduce something that cannot be reproduced in the end. Therefore, all images cannot reach true representation, but can only exist in a way that implies or metaphors them. Therefore, abstract art is a critical response to the useless desire of representational art. Eun-suk Kim's paintings and screens only express the life story of individual living beings, the memories of life, the creation and extinction of civilization and history, etc., which cannot be completely and completely reproduced. The artist says that the series of'stains' stains left on the surface were carried out in order to prove the “destruction and deposition of civilization.” In the end, the various stains left on the screen are traces of the time of a living being recognized by the artist as well as the history of humans. It becomes a visual image that metaphors the process of and civilization and its creation and extinction.

Like this, all images are metaphors.

The works using stone, powder, and glitter on the jangji are based on the material experience of traditional oriental paintings, yet have a very different sense. First of all, the entire screen is uniformly applied. Firstly, the background with the dark habit is unfolded like a landscape, and above it is filled with dots, fine and sensitive lines, and various traces that have been smeared and soaked in, and these are placed in a washed-out expression again. It was mentioned earlier that this is a background that implies a repetition of instinctive and primitive actions and a temporality that repeats formation and extinction. On top of it, a thick, liquid substance is carefully flowing or sticking. The entire screen is painted homogeneously and is filled with various pictorial traces and passages of time. In addition, it is covered with outstanding textures, and they sparkle as if shining from inside the screen. This sparkle is the effect of glitter. On the other hand, the background and the surface exist in the same space, but at the same time create a psychological space with enormous depth. There is a trace of paint that passed and flowed, stayed and stuck together, covered it with transparent colors, and overlaid on the screen stacked in several layers, paints and textures that seem to have flowed accidentally and naturally are laid on top of the screen. The paints were pulled by several directions (in each direction of the square screen) and were produced as if they stopped. Therefore, they were not drawn by brush strokes or artificial force, but became pictures that conformed to natural conditions. It is due to time, speed, and gravity. Leaving behind a hazy background, lines reminiscent of the heart or any organ in the body are accumulated and floating in the center. Everything is erased and faded, but the traces that survived as the last good seem to have stopped trying to reproduce something earnestly. It is also like a cross section of an organ, cell or tissue of an organism. Through such imagery and screen production, the artist may be visualizing the myriad traces of the history of life, the history of humans, and the creation and extinction of civilization. The traces of the lives of individual creatures that cannot be named and can never be reproduced, but above all else, which are intense and true, retaining the reality of life.


profile about Kim, Eun Sook

1989 Graduated from Dept. of Painting, College of Art, Chosun University
2000 Graduated from Dept. of Painting, Graduate School of Formative Art, Gyeonggi University

Served in the capacity of Instructor at Woolsan University,Chosun University,Gyeongdo College,Gyeonggi University

Current, Company Director of CELSIUS Co.(
Current, Director of Gallery Artcelsi(

2016 The12th Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul
2015 The11th Gallery Artcelsi, Yangpyeong
2008 The10th Beijing Olympic Art Festival,Beijing
2007 The09th Invited to Gallery D.D L.A
2006 The08th Invited to Hyundai Art Gallery, Ulsan
2005 The07th Ansan Danwon Art Museum.Ansan
2003 The06th Invited to Gallery Etinne de Causans, Paris
2003 The05th Invited to Hyundai Art Gallery, Busan
2001 The04th Invited Exhibition at Artist Guild Space, Paris
2001 The03rd Invited to Gallery Miz, Seoul
2000 The02nd Gongpyong Art Center,Seoul
1999 The01st Invited to SEF '99, Gongpyong Art Center, Seoul "won a prize SEF'99"

2007 St-art 12e edition, Strasbourg, France
2004 KIAF'04.COEX.Seoul
2004 The 26th Art Expo.Javits Convention Center,NewYork
2003 The 21st Hwarang Art Festival,Seoul Arts Center,Seoul
2003 KIAF'03, COEX, Seoul
2003 03'Daegu Art Expo, DEXCO, Daegu
2002 The 20th Hwarang Art festival,Seoul Arts Center,seoul
2002 KIAF'02,BEXCO, Busan

2020 The 3rd Asia Leader Garnd Prize, Part of Art & Culture, Gramd Prize

2019 The 2nd the National Best Regional Development Awards, Corporate Manager Grand Prize

2018 PRIZE OF Vice Chairman of the National Assembly

2017 Jomihoi Exhibition
2017 After Show. Seogyo Art Center. Seoul

2016 Adieu 2016 Exhibition. Gallery Artcelsi. Seoul.
2016 Awarded the Korean loyalty grand prize, the culture and arts sector, that brightened up Korean society
2016 Global Brand Awards, Part of Culture & Art, Celsius awards
Chosun University Art 70 Years Exhibition, Chosun University Museum of Art, Gwangju
Yeosu international art festival, Yeosu expo convention center, Yeosu
You who I remember, Gallery Artcelsi, yangpyeong

Nine Storytellers, Gallery G.M.A, Seoul

Concorso Benos Aires VI Anuncia 30 Artisti Selezionati, Artpassage, Milano, Italy
Professor Kim Daewon Retirement celebration, Master and Disciples Exhibition, Chosun University Art Musium, Gwangju

Vietnam Exhibition & Gallery Exhibition 'Gallery T & G establishment Exhibition
Sunmook Exhibition, Gwangju art museum, Gwangju
Si-Gong Exhibition, Sejong Center,Seoul
The 5th Iseobdaecheon Exhibition,Woljeon Museum of Art Icheon,Icheon)
Korea's making a brush stroke-The women's Association for Korean Painting,Sejong Center,Seoul

Jangja's Dream-The women's Association for Korean Painting,Seoul Museum of arts Kyeonghigung Hall,Seoul
The 4th Iseobdaecheon Exhibition, woljeon Museum of Art Icheon, Icheon
Si-Gong Exhibition, Munhwailbo Gallery, Seoul
Government and public offices exhibition on tour, Icheon office of education,Icheon Police Station,Icheon public Library
Chungyoo Exhibition, Johyeong Gallery, Seoul
Korean Painting Recovery of Homogeneity Exhibition,Gwangju museum of arts Geumnamro Hall,Gwangju
Sunmook Exhibition, Metro Gallery, Gwangju
Paris-2007, Exposition D'echance coree- France Art contemporain (planned Gallery Atena Paris) (Espace Beaurepaire, Paris )
Invitational Exhibition for An anniversary of the opening of a Gallery since 7years, Gallery Atena-Paris, Daegu
Korean Painting Art prize Exhibition ,Gwangju Biennale Hall, gwangju
This year of Glden fig ,Planned gwangju Museum of arts Geumnamro Hall, Gwangju Museum of arts Geumnamro Hall, Gwangju

Exhibition of exchange Art& Culture Korea& China-Planned Chosun university& Qiqihar university,Chosun university Art Museum,Gwangju
Sunmook Exhibition,Gwangju Museum of Arts geumnamro Hall,Gwangju
The Seoul’s Today & Tomorrow-The women's Association Exhibition for Korean Painting Exhibition,Kyeonghyang Gallery,Seoul
Busan international Environment Art Festival,Busan Art & Culture Center,Busan
Chungyoo Exhibition,Johyeong Gallery, Seoul
The Special Exhibition For alumni association,college of art,Chosun university,Chosun university Art Museum,Gwangju
Planning Exhibition for An anniversary of the opening of a school since 60 years Chosun University,Chosun University Art Museum,Gwangju
Si-Gong Exhibition,WeiHai Museum,China
Tracing the identity of Korean Painting Exhibition,Asia Museum,Dajeon

Commensalism & encount The 20th Ho,Yeongnam Gwangju Invitational Exhibition ,Metro Gallery, Gwangju
The aura of Winter Exhibition 'planned Su Gallery',Su Gallery, Seoul
Korean Painting Art Prize Exhibition-Won the highest award ,Gwangju Biennale Hall, Gwangju
Art, Women's capability Exhibition ,Chosun University Art Museum, Gwangju
Chungyoo Exhibition ,Johyeong Gallery, Seoul
Today & Tommorow of Korean contemporary Painting Exhibition ,Ihyeong Art Center, Seoul
KAF 2005 Exhibition ,Sejong Center, Seoul
Hanbyeok dongin Exhibition ,Gongpyeong Art Center,Seoul
Be the one Palgong, Mudeung, geumgang - The 1st Korea Contemporary Women Art Festival ,Daegu Culture& Arts Center, Daegu

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