My work is about coexistence, symbiosis relationship in our society. Various races and nations are sharply opposed to each other conflict and compete with each other but for the common good and justice for mutual prosperity, we must make a beautiful harmony by contemplating head to head. Concerto is expressing desire and positive power for ideal society. The material used in my work is an art magazine, and the reason for the selection is that the various aesthetic value and philosophy, information contained in it is an other non-physical human being. Magazines are cut by hand and folded in different directions by adjusting the strength and weakness so that various shapes appear on a small screen. The folded pieces are attached to the canvas and painted to complete. Numerous experiments and failures to complete my work it is a very difficult work in each process (folding, attaching, coloring) However this is because the sacredness of the use of the body and the accumulated time lead to meaningful meditation. In addition, enduring extreme labor becomes the basis for seeking the qualitative sublimation of flesh by overcoming familiar or customary laziness.



profile about Kim, Eun Wook

Graduated from the Graduated shool of Fine Arts, Hong ik University( MFA)

Solo Exhibition.
2019 Standing on the border, JoHung Gallery, Seoul Korea
2018 Beyond the border, Hong Ik University, Seoul Korea
2017 KSW Artist Invitation Exhibition private booth exhibition Seoul Korea
2017 Weather of My Heart Ⅱ, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul Korea
2016 Weather of My HeartⅠ, Johung Gallery, Seoul Korea
2016 Balance and Harmony, Monet Gallery, Asan Seoul Korea

GROUP Exhibition
2020 Seoul Art show, COEX, Seoul Korea.
2020 Art Metro, Topo House, Seoul Korea.
2020 Travel, M Gallery, Seoul Korea.
2019 Freedom, Tomorrow different from yesterday, Yang Pyeong Korea.
2019 Freedom, Tomorrow different from yesterday, Hukuoka Japan.
2019 Contemporary Art show, COEX Seoul Korea.
2019 Emerging language of Contemporary Art, Ilho Gallery, Seoul Korea.
2018 Inter-Korean Cultural Arts Founding Exhibition, Rapa Gallery, Seoul Korea.
2017~2007 SCAF Art Fair, Small Sculpture exhibition, International Exchange Association , Vision, Korea-China G20 Summit International Exchange Exhibition(China), ~ etc

Embassy of Venezuela, 1 works
Individuals 32 works

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