The main idea to express through the works of an artist is aesthetic emotions that humans feel from natural objects such as flowers and trees which are encountered easily. Through the works, the artist tries to embody the images of both visible and invisible worlds felt within hearts and to express the feelings of the moment that people see the flowers and trees. To express the matiere, the mixture of sawdust, red clay and Hobun(Oyster shell white) etc. was adhered to Jangji(Korean paper) with glue. Several layers of colors were overlapped.



profile about Kim, Mi Ae

1993 B.A in Art Dept. of Art College at Dong-A University, Busan, Korea
​1998 M.A in Oriental Painting Dept. of Art College at Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions: 10 times
1997 1st Solo Exhibition / Dohol Art Town / Seoul, Korea
2005 2nd Solo Exhibition / Insa Art Gallery / Seoul, Korea
2005 3rd Solo Exhibition / Fukuoka Asian Art Museum / Fukuoka, Japan
2006 4th Solo Exhibition / Hangaram Art Museum at Seoul Arts Center / Seoul, Korea
2009 5th Solo Exhibition / Lotte Gallery / Daejon, Korea
2014 6th Solo Exhibition / Insa Art Center / Seoul, Korea
2017 7th Solo Exhibition / Gallery Märchen / Daejon, Korea
2018 8th Solo Exhibition / JJ Jinart Gallery/ Busan, Korea
2019 9th Solo Exhibition / Ocean Gallery/ Gyeongju, Korea
2019 10th Solo Exhibition / Art Space U / Busan, Korea

Group Exhibitions and Art Fairs: More than 40 times
2014 Daejeon International Art Show (KOTREX / Daejeon, Korea)
2015 Daejeon International Art Show (KOTREX / Daejeon, Korea)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Singapore (F1 Pit Buld. / Singapore)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong (HKCEC / Hong Kong)
2016 Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX / Seoul, Korea)
2017 Daejeon International Art Show (KOTREX / Daejeon, Korea)
2017 Busan International Art Fair (BEXCO / Busan, Korea)
2018 Art Gyeongju (HICO / Gyeongju, Korea)
2018 Busan International Art Fair (BEXCO / Busan, Korea)
2019 Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hotel / Hong Kong)

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