The lines represent the hardness of the city and the curves represent nature. I express the difference between hope and reality through repeated painting tasks in which these two are mixed. We despair when the gap between hope and reality is great. We sometimes despair. What is the most dangerous way to deal with despair? It can be found in hope. It is to recognize the hope and translate it into action.



profile about Kim, Mi Joung

BFA,Hongik Unversity,Art Graduate School,Seoui, Korea
BFA, Seoui Digitai Unversity,Seoui, Korea
BFA, Hanyang Women’s University,Seoui, Korea

Solo Exhibitions
Pool(freshwater pool), Seoul Metropolitan Gallery,Seoul, Korea
SHADOW, NEMO Gallery,Bucheon, Korea
Sucrung, Raonjena Gallery, Bucheon, Korea

Seiected Group Exhibitions
Seoul Insadong International Art Festival 2019, LAMER INSA ART FLAZA, Seoul, Korea
Together, Kimboseong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Vanish & Birth, Bucheon Art Bunker B39, Bucheon, Korea
Korea – Japan Interchange Show, Okayama, Japan
Korea – Japan Interchange Show, Bucheon, Korea
Korea – China Intechange Show, Weihai, China
Korean Fine Arts Association, Seoul arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Bucheon Fine Arts Association, Songnae Eoul Madang, Bucheon, Korea

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