Memories of my childhood when I picked up an unnamed wild flower and played house with friends, Precious memories gave life to my sensibility and could be the power to create works that made me dream of beauty. One day by chance, the onion flowers in my home field were so beautiful that I observed the growth of the flowers and made me feel happy and excited to dream of the life of another work there. A flower that no one looks closely at, a flower that breaks before it blooms, a flower whose meaning of existence is insignificant, that flower fascinates me and makes flowers embroidered with longing on my mother's piece of paper in my work, and it blooms softly. And it puts a trace where love stays and puts gratitude in the flower basket. The onion flowers are colored with a desire to reveal their self-image, sometimes with a gorgeous color, sometimes with a soft and cold color that gives healing and comfort. We lose and pass away the value of common things, but onions offer their entirety, even the skin, at a sacrifice. And onion flowers that are thrown away without knowing when they bloom are materials that open the way for new works and give me happiness. I hope to bring the onion flower to life and come to us by revealing the meaning of being more lovable than any other flower in the world. And I feel that nothing has a small meaning of existence, and there is beauty in it, and I color the onion flower with passion and energy, hoping to meet someone who knows it to bloom. I will bloom a beautiful flower of hope in my heart because of the onion flower.



profile about Kim, Ok Soon

B.F.A Fine Art College, Dept. Painting, Chosun University, Korea


2020 Like me, Like me, Juan Gallery, Gwangju
2020 FINEART BIBIM POP, Mudeung Gallery, Gwangju
2020 Bukgu Artists small size artworks Exhibition, Jami Gallery, Gwangju
2020 Jeju, Fall wind, jeju International Museum of art, Jeju
2020 A silent shout 300 artists exhibition
2020 Adieu dystopia, Special Exhibition for Disaster crisis, Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul
2020 The 32nd Korea Woman Watercolor Artist Association, Insa art plaza, Seoul
2019 FREEDOM 2019 NOW& FUTURE, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
2019 FREEDOM 2019 Tomorrow different from yesterday, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong

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