In order for me to be happy, it is only possible if everything related to me is good bye. All I have to do for their well-being. It is my first thing to live happily. Lined up at the disaster fund. Times to live thirsty for love...
Now, here, I will draw my story.



profile about Kim, Si Yeong

1984 Graduated Hakdari High School, Hampyeong, Korea
1992 Graduated Hongik University, Seoul

Solo Exhibition
1998 The ist Seokyung Gallery, Seoul
2000 The 2nd Drawing pictures with Wolmido people, Seoul Station Culture Center, Seoul
2002 The 3rd Scenery under the feet, Shinsege Gallery, Incheon
2014 The 4th ♥ ​Heart, On-line Exhibition
2017 The 5th Hello, Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul
2019 The 6th Sea, Is Gallery, Seoul
2020 The 7th 24 Hours, Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul

Group Exhibition 50times.
1989-91 Printmaking Exhibition for National Labor Association, National Education Workers' Association Support Funding, Hongik Univ.
1991 The end of the earth Exhibition, Namdo Art Culture Center, Gwangju
1991 December, Grimmadong Min, Seoul
1992 Youth Art Exhibition for Establishing Democratic Government, Tour Exhibition to National University
1994 The 100th Anniversity, Donghak, Deokwon Art Museum, Pagoda Park, Seoul
1994 Physical memory Exhibition, 21century Gallery, Seoul
1995 The cries of flowers that have not yet bloomed, 21century Gallery, Seoul
1995 Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the victory in the anti-dictatorship war International Exhibition, Chángchūn Library, China
1995 Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, Korea YMCA in Japan
1996 Ethnic art, SEMA, Seoul
1996 Stand towards the light, Seoul Asan Hospital, Seoul
1996 korea Division, 21 Century Gallery, Seoul
1996 The 8th Mountine and River, SEMA, Seoul
1996 The 10th JALLA, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1996 The 10th Anniversary, O-Yun : Cross-section of Korean people Art, 21 Century Gallery, Seoul
1996 Invited Persimmon flower Gallery, Anyang
1997 Si-Heung Art Festival, Si-Heung city Hall
1997 Coming Spring, Excellent Painting, Persimmon flower Gallery, Anyang
1997 Ganghwa Freedom Street, Ganghwa Dongmak Beach, Ganghwa 1997, 1999, 2001 3 times participated
2000 Graffiti painting event for Civil solidarity for election, Daehak-ro, Seoul
2000 West Sea, Incheon Culture & Art Center, Incheon
2000 The 12th Mountine & River of Mothercountry, Seoul Station Culture Center, Seoul
2001 A new leap forward in Gyeonggi Art, Gyeonggi Culture Foundation Exhibition Hall, Suwon
2001 The 13th Mountine & River of Mothercountry, Gwanghwamun Gallery, Seoul
1992-2001 Doobeolgari, 6times participated, 21century Gallery, Gwanhoon, Seokyung, KEPCO, Seoul
1996-2000 Our Land, 4times participated, Anyang Culture & Art Center, Anyang
1994-97 Grape Art Festival, 4times participated, Anyang Culture & Art Center, Anyang
1994-98 Young Artist, 5times participated, Anyang Culture & Art Center, Anyang
2019 Love May, Gift, Leesoo Gallery, Seoul
2019 Women's independence activist, Sesil Theater, Seoul
2019 Freedom 2019 'Tomorrow different from yesterday' Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
2019 Freedom 2019 'Now & Future' Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
2020 Me, You, Our June, The Soup Gallery, Seoul

Sungkyunkwan University, Nanum House, Women's independence activist Association, Gyeonggido museum of art

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투둑 떨어진다 --------- 2009.10 Woongjin Book Co. and about 20 Volumes.

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