I'm Textile artist. Through the harmony of materials that utilize textiles and paints and, with the unique technique delivered from the naturalness, I want to deliver the pureness of primitive life. I voluntarily transcend the boundaries in every aspect of daily life, and have the ideology of emancipation as my basis to create the series of Sonido on canvas by using textiles. Due to the reproducibility of textiles, I am trying to express the unconventional freedom of having the vision that is neither restricted by left and right nor up and down, because those regulations and orders seem to suppress my life. Balance and harmony which the circle is pursuing is the life that I am pursuing. Because art and life are one, this circle is the product of my physical activity.




Reverberation in the Heart, Sonido

Sanghee Oh, PhD in Visual Culture

If we define modernism in a word, it will be 'innovation'. For example, in the Renaissance art, certain rules are found such as themes, compositions, painting styles, and techniques even when we look at the works of different artists. However, in the case of modern art, the works are very much different artist by artist and furthermore even the same artist creates heterogeneous works. Because, as mentioned above, the top priority of modernists was the creation of something that is different from the conventional art. From this point of view, modernists would have valued when they were blamed, despised, and mocked rather than making great artworks that people recognized.

It is ironic that modernists, nevertheless, have become an elite art group than ever because of this pure spirit that places even the status as an artist. In addition, we must think reflectively that the avant-garde attempts and unconventional techniques that modernists did at the time were converging monotonously into an artistic thought by calm analysis and conventional classification at the moment when two centuries have passed, assuming the origin of modernism as the late 19th century impressionism. The contradiction that arises at this point is that the intense self-destruction spirit of modernists at that time was diluted and modernism itself became a cliché, as did the new trends in Renaissance era or later times mannerisms.

If we look at Sunghye Kim's work in this sense, we can read two allegories of modernism. First, although early works of Sunghye Kim looked like abstract paintings, they are actually landscape paintings that depicted nature. The work putting natural objects on a canvas always encounters a limitation. The more we try to reproduce nature equally, the less useful any outstanding technic or technology is. The right answer to this problem is abstraction. If nature is the essence, we can capture it fully when abstracting the form and the color of the object.

Second, it is the use of mixed materials. Sunghye Kim used to follow the traditional western painting techniques using canvases and paints. However, the canvas is now just a device for fixing the work, and there may not be a distinction between the top, bottom, left and right of the frame. She destroyed the boundaries between painting and sculpture and paint becomes an optional material rather than a must. There become no limitations of materials or techniques.

The Great Theory, named by aestheticist and art historian Wladyslaw Tatarkiewicz, was a constant formula of beauty that consistently led aesthetic ideology from the 5th century BC to the 18th century. However, due to the hobby theory against the Great Theory and Aesthetic Attitude that brought it to the extreme, we can declare that everything that echoes in our hearts is aesthetic. When you look at her works, you don’t need to find out what the subject or the theme is. Listen to and pay attention to Sonido, the reverberation in the heart


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Graduated from Hongik university of Fine Art

The 30th Solo Exhibition

National, International ART FAIR More than 30 Booth Exhibition

2018 Art Nordic /Copenhagen /Denmark
2016 Istanbul CONTEMPORARY / Istanbul
2015 ART SHOW Hong Kong
2013 Art Shopping, L'art Contemporain Accessible / Carrousel du Louvre, Paris France
2013 AHAF Hong Kong BAF invitation exhibition

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