Painting has the power to make things that have not yet existed in this world through color and form. The secret admiration for something that doesn't exist yet is probably the chemical will and passion to capture and reveal the power of life that fills the body. It contains the flow of memories perceived as'living' through lines and shapes that do not exist in this world yet, not objects, events, and shapes that already exist in this world. The unknown shapes formed by the deep layers of colors and touches do not directly appeal to our emotions, but revitalize our stories deeply immersed in our inner world. Wonderful events and feelings that occur unexpectedly in a painting wake up into new stories, transform them repeatedly, and continue the play of imagination. The various shapes created by unraveling the confined consciousness and unconsciousness, oblivion, and chunks of memory in their own color, are freedom itself that is not confined to the meaning of any thought, and is an inner reverberation towards the world. They are transformed into unique colors and lines that endure cracks with themselves, and are born with the power of a new beginning that trusts the world. The depth of emotion given by the artist's color and touch spreads through the reverberation of the sound that sustains the time of memory. It erases the thoughts and meanings trapped in the present and makes the boundary between the body and the world that meets with color and sound. The shapes that meet color and line and transform in space do not inform the chaos, dangers, and delusions of this world, but weave this world a new in a trusting relationship that can endure the cracks with oneself. Painting provides the viewers with the freedom and power of comfort to live the world in which the artist himself faces honestly.



profile about Kim, Sun Tae

1993 Paris National Arts University (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts)
1991 Paris VIII University (Université Paris-VIII/Université de Vincennes à Saint-Denis)
1988 Paris VIII University Graduate School
1983 Hongik University, College of Arts

2019 3ème étage à pied (Gallery Choi, Seoul)
2019 Kim Suntae Invitational Exhibit “Métamorphose” (寒碧园 Hanbyeok Weon Art Gallery, Seoul)
2019 Kim Suntae Invitational Exhibit (Jiso Gallery, Daejeon)
2019 Kim Suntae Accidental Exhibition (Art Arena, Goyang)
2019 Kim Suntae Invitational Exhibit (Gallery Marchen, Daejeon)
2017 九萬里 Incertain lieu (Gallery Choi, Seoul)
2016 Lee Dong Hoon Art Award Winer’s Exhibition, Daejeon Museum of Art
2014 Spring (Seongmo Village)
2012 Late Aftrernoon (United Gallery, Seoul)
2011 Kim Suntae Invitational Exhibit (Gabo Gallery, Daejeon)
2009 Kim Suntae Solo Exhibtion (The Art Gallery, Daejeon)
2008 Kim Suntae Solo Exhibtion (Sejul Gallery, Seoul)
2007 Allo Kim Suntae (Gallery Sung, Daejeon)
2005 Kim Suntae (BIBI SPACE, Daejeon)
2004 Kim Suntae (The National Art Studio Goyang Contemporary Art Studio)
2002 Gallery Lantsoght, Paris
2001 Boundary Line (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
2000 Forgetting the Year (Korean Culture & Arts Foundation Art Center, Seoul)
2000 Daybook (Fusion Gallery, Seoul)
1999 Espace (Arsenal, Paris)
1999 Workshop (Jongno Gallery, Seoul)
1997 Gallery Lantsoght, Paris
1996 Gallery Lantsoght, Paris

Duo Exhibitions
1995 Gallery Artsenal with COLMENAREZ, Paris

2019 Art Busan
2019 Hongik University 40th Anniversary 7940 Exhibition Hall (Art Space H)
2019 Gimhae Biennale International Art Festival (Gimhae Arts & Sports Center)
2019 Exhibit “Icono Text” (Gallery IGONG, Daejeon)
2019 Art Busan International Art Fair (Bexco Exhibition Center, Busan)
2019 Ahn Junggeun 110, Missing [or Painting] Ahn Junggeun (Ahn Junggeun Memorial Museum)
2019 New Year’s Invitation Exhibition (Art M Gallery, Gwangmyeong)
2019 New Year Planning Exhibition (Art Space Qualia, Seoul)
2018 Jirisan International Arts Festa: “Putting Life in Life" (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
2018 PREPOSITIONS OF SPACE (Daejeon Modern Exhibition Hall, Daejeon)
2018 LA Contemporary Art Exhibition (JB Gallery, USA)
2018 Exchange of Modern Abstract Paintings (DJCC: Daejeon Junggu Cultural Center)
2018 The 34th Lee Jae Ho Solo Exhibition with 158 Artists Exhibit “Donghaeng” (Daejeon Artist's House)
2018 PARIS (Art M Gallery, Gwangmyeong)
2018 JISB: Jeonnam International SUMUK Biennale (Mokpo Art Center, Mokpo)
2018 Contemporary Art Odyssey (Ulsan Cultural Center)
2017 KOREA LIVE (Honfleur. france)
2017 Daejeon International Art Festival (Daejeon)
2017 Gallery Ang Opening Exhibition (Gurye)
2017 Island to Island (Seogwipo Arts Center, Jeju)
2017 International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Image and Eye of the Other” (Seosan Culture Center)
2017 Blue Documenta (DJCC: Daejeon Junggu Cultural Center)
2017 Grand Ballet Opening Exhibition (Gallery Grand Ballet, Seosan)
2017 Yeosu International Art Festival (Expo Exhibition Hall, Yeosu)
2017 Jeonnam International SUMUK Pre-Biennale (Mokpo Culture & Art Center, Mokpo)
2017 The Jeon [exhibit]: Hwaidongmong (Art Space Qualia, Seoul)
2017 100th Anniversary Exhibition of Daejeon Middle School (Daejeon Artist's House)
2017 Jirisan International Arts Festa: Everyday Art (Jirisan Hadong, Seoul Arts Center)

2016 Jeju Island International Art Center Residency
2015 Lee Dong Hoon Art Award Winer
2004 The National Art Studio Goyang Gallery, Arrival of the 1st-term artists
Korea Art Space Network Workshop
1997 Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Arrival of the 1st-term artists

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