The color surface composition of various forms pursued in the work is based on the emotional and behavioral gestures of the relationship felt by connecting different pieces of fabric in the quilt work that I have been working on for a long time, saving the memories of life and time I felt while living up to the present time. It is a color surface that has become and unfolds one by one. The colored surfaces are treated as a healing motif as the afterimage of light that gave the person calm, and the surfaces formed according to the direction of the thread on the canvas are the afterimages of the reflective color surface reflected in the memory of the person's life. The direction of texture expressed in the matiere of the thread is an expression that reveals the relationship between the self and the other through the memory and reinterpretation of one's life. Also, through the composition of the large and small sides of the color surface, the pictorial purity and the screen are harmoniously combined It was designed to emphasize the sense of stability. In addition, nature and all human beings intertwine and coexist, harmonize, create, change, and circulate images, and abstract the symbolic objects of nature and emotions in one's inner self as geometric images. In the work, the symbol of nature was created through a matiere expression of the thread through an object called thread, and the space of the square plane was transformed into a space of inner image.Through the thread, life and death cannot be separated from coexistence.



profile about Kim, Yeong Ok

M.F.A in painting at Hong-ik University

Solo Exhibition
2020- The accumulated time becomes life (BRT Artmuseum, Sejong)
2020- Exposed in light- Code of life (Galleria Department Store, Daejeon)
2019- Si-Nong Gallery Invitation Exhibition ‘Self Reviewing’ (Daejeon )
2018- Hongik University Graduate School of Fine Art major in Painting
2018- Exposed in light Exhibition (Daejeon KBS Gallery, Daejeon)
2013- Lovestory Exhibition (Galleria Department Store, Daejeon)
2013- Daejeon International Art Show (Daejeon Trade Exhibition Center, Daejeon)
2011- Personal Calendar Booth Exhibition (Hankuk Art Museum, Seoul)

Group Exhibition
2020-Gapyeong Art Fair (The Stay Healing Park. Gapyeong)
2020-Invitational Exhibition of Five Up-and-coming Artists at the Namsong Museum of Art (Namsong Museum of Art, Gapyeong)
2020- ASYAAF Hidden Artist Selection (Museum of Contemporary Art, Hongik University, seoul)
2020- Yaksan Contemporary Art Show( Hangaram Design Museum 3rd Exhibition Hall, seoul )
2019- seoul art show (seoul coex a hall)
2019- Hongkong Affordable Art Fair
2019- Work#1 Hongik University Graduate School of Art Department of Painting alumnus Exhibition(KEPCO Art Center Seoul)
2018- Art mining-seoul (DD P, Seoul)
2017- Open Gallery Painter Contest Selection
2017- Award at the Modern Art Show Art-mining Contest (Hangaram Arts Hall, Seoul)
2014~2017-Regular exhibition of Female Artists in Daejeon (Daejeon City Hall, Daejeon)
2012- Exhibition on Balance and Diversity of Korean Fine Arts hosted by the city of kaarst, Germany (Germany)
2012- Exhibitional of Meditation and Communication (Art Museum Jajaknamusoup, Hoengseong)
2011- Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Arts of Korea and China (Main Hall of Seoul Museum of Art (Annex Hall of Gyeonghui))
2008~2019-Daejeon Arts Festival (Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon Artist House)
2006- Special award at the Hanbat Arts Contest
2005- Bronze award at the Korean Female Arts Contest
2004- Accepted for the Global Arts Contest besides many others

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