Draw a line
Inspired by light passing through the surface of a block of glass cut from various angles and the shadow of light drawn by touching a rough surface like a stone, the theme of "Painting in Glass" was also in touch with the "Presentation in Space," which was dealt with in the first individual exhibition, even though it was a new discovery. The existence of space, in a twisted form, took the background of "space" as canvas and became a stroke or a side of glass, blending with space in its original color, and works from the three-dimensional "Stone Skin" series with various sides, as well as works that wanted to emphasize the shadow of light, flow like light in a small space limited by a lump of glass, creating abstract paintings on the surface of glass blocks such as rough patterns or white walls. For over a decade or so of transforming into a new direction in the expression of the work and exploring the materials of glass, my world of work has not changed and has been linked to the theme of "Painting expressed in glass, pictorial expression through glass." The works focus on the abstract images drawn by the prominent lines, the three dimensions created by the lines flowing through the lumpy surface like a Mobius strip, and the pictorial completion of everything that the light that passes through the combined form reflects into the mirrors used in the work.



profile about Kwak, Dong Joon

2020 Namseoul University Graduate School of Glass Sculpture Dr. course.
2012 Graduate School of Glass Sculpture at Namseoul University.

2020 Dr. Degree Billing Exhibition "Draw a Line" Gallery Meme / Seoul
2018 10th Individual Exhibition "Dream or Memory" Lee Ang Gallery / Seoul
2018 9th Individual Exhibition "Dream or Memory" at Derimi Museum / Ganghwado Island
017 8th Individual Exhibition "Image of Line" Alpha Gallery / Seoul
2016 7th solo exhibition "Carving the Line. Painting in Glass" All Gallery Min / Seoul
2020 'Sight' Exhibition, Glass Island Mac Art Museum / Daebu Island
2020 Before the Evolution of Modern Glass in Korea, Shinsegae Chungcheong Branch / Cheonan
2019 Dogye Glass Country 2nd Anniversary Exhibition, Dogye Glass Country / Samcheok
2019 Hot Glass Conference Regular Exhibition. Korea Craft Museum / Cheongju
2018 After image All Gallery Daham / Ansan
2018 Hot Glass Conference ‘The House’ Exhibition KCDF Gallery / Seoul and mamy more..

2020 Daegu Art Fair, Osong Gallery Paris / EXCO
2020 Home Interior Tech Fair, Osong Gallery Paris / KINTEX
2020 Plastic Art Seoul (PLAS), COEX B Hall
2018 11th Daegu Art Fair, Cello Art / EXCO
2018 ASAP Hidden Artist 100, Dongdaemun Design Plaza and mamy more..

2013 Special Selection for the Contemporary Craft (Other Creation) category of the 32nd Korea Art Exhibition
2009 Award for Best Sculpture at the 13th Gwanak Art Exhibition
2008 Korea Art Exhibition and Other Crafts Competition

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