There are many 'I' inside of me. There is ‘I’ as much as time has passed. There is ‘I’ who exists in my form, and there is "I" who watches all of these. A pleasant story that all of these ‘I’ make together, that is my art.

My workroom is noisy. When I open the door, the quiet workroom begins to speak noisily. My works of art, which have exciting forms, interact with each other using big eyes, smiling mouths, and gap of fingers. Surrounded by countless ‘I’, I create my art. And That's why it can't be quiet. When I interact with them and be honest with myself, the memories in my body come back. Thought turns into action and makes a story. The rhythm that followed the body turns into facial expressions and gestures, making me happy. The pleasure of capturing the moment gives me strength. A day which is not boring feels very long to me.

I like the materials and tools that can leave trace of sudden moment. I like Iron because Traces remain when cut and welded. I hate strict norms, and I like the variability which can change at any time. When you define something, there are fewer opportunities to change. Opportunity to start over can be exist only when it's not perfect. I prefer being clumsy and honest rather than perfect but nasty. Because it can make something I never expected. A person who is a little sloppy is not hated even if he speaks perfectly.

The playfulness which is come from curiosity is the root of my works of art. When I was young, my grandfather and father were movie maniacs. I grew up watching many movies and listening to music with them. The world I saw through them was unstoppable. I vaguely realized that everything in the world moves incessantly, creating their own story. I want to hear countless stories that exist in the world. That's why I constantly get curious in everything. Curiosity is a good excuse for the playfulness. I'm constantly capricious because I'm still not trained to be an adult. But I believe that a childlike attitude can move people’s minds. From a childish point of view, the world changes quickly and exciting. Every day I am born anew. I like myself like this. Love Myself. Reset Myself.



profile about Lee, Jong Sub

B.F.A / M.F.A Department of fine art Sejong university

Solo Exhibitions
2018 The Count Me In / Space B1 / Seoul
2018 The Sound of Earth 2 / Space B1 / Seoul
2017 The Wind Blow - Collaboration With Orchestra / National Theater of Korea / Seoul
2017 The Open Up / Kumbosung Art Center / Seoul
2009 I & Korea Project 1 / Jogyesa, Namu gallery / Seoul
1991 The Sound of Earth 1 / Shinhyeup B1 / Dangjin
1988 Cheong nam gallery / Seoul

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