We, all have beautiful mind. Sometimes we forget the beautiful mind but it is always exists in our heart. When we look at many religion and the teachings of the wise, they said that to consider others same with you. I think it can be the state of beautiful mind, when we know the others are not different with ourselves. We can be in countless situations and environments in our lives, and also face busy and difficult situation of changeable emotions. When we faced the hardship, while we didn’t or couldn’t recognize it, there were moments when we were in someone’s wish, pray, love, care in their heart. Whether that’s God’s hands, parents’, friend’s or somebody else’, their hearts are conveyed to you in a peaceful and warm moment, I think that moment, we can be comforted and have a pure clear mind. I expressed the warm hearts we received in my work in the form of a flower, tree, grass and showed our clear, innocent moments with the form of a girl. I wish I could give back that beautiful hearts, I received many times to someone else. After all, we are not different and you and I are connected. I hope that we realize that we are all beautiful people



profile about Lee, Yoon Ryoung

M.F.A Graduate School, Printmaking, Sung-Shin Women’s University
B.F.A College of Fine Art, Sung-Shin Women’s University

Solo Exhibition 12times(1986-2020)
2020 Gallery GuGu, Seoul
2020 Big Tree Gallery, Hanam
2019 CYART SPACE, Seoul
2019 Gallery Café Soo, Busan
2018 Gallery GuGu, Seoul
2017 Gallery Mano, Seoul
2014 Booth at the DaeJeon International Art Show, Korea Trade Exhibition Center, DaeJeon
1999 Gallery JO, Seoul
1996 Gallery JO, Seoul
1995 Godot Gallery, Seoul
1994 Insa Gallery, Seoul
1986 KwanHoon Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibition morn than 100times

Public Collection
KB Koomin Bank (Seoul), DACOM (seoul)
C Art Museum (Yangpyeong),ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Deajeon)

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