A journey of one’s own series (2019~to the present)

A woman who has only stayed inside goes out and embarks on a journey. Nothing is decided about her journey. There is no purpose or destination. All we can see in each picture is a woman in various positions in different natural surroundings. The series “a journey of one’s own” is a fantasy where I captured on canvas the trips that I have dreamed of. I define it as a fantasy because the series sprung from my question of whether it’s possible for people today to have their own space where they can focus solely on themselves. At first, I tried to convey my feelings of focusing on myself through the image of a woman who is there alone in the midst of familiar scenery such as flower-blooming spring, summer sea, and a reed forest in autumn. As I worked on (A grove of birch trees in winter), a journey of one’s own took a different turn. A small figure standing amongst giant trees that reveal the continuity of time ironically showed freedom that she feels as she becomes one with nature. I decided to expand this work into a larger story. Consequently, (A journey of one’s own _ December) was expressed by numerous works including (A journey of one’s own _ before the dawn) and (I will come to you). The still figures underwent their own journey of changes, becoming first dynamic and full of movement, then objects such as chairs rather than people. I paint a woman in a landscape from the perspective of an observer. As I follow the texture and feel of the wind, the vivid color of the sky, and the figure in nature, I feel like as if I escaped the categories enforced upon me by society and found my whole self. I tried to be free in a natural space that is wholly my own. I thought then that not only women but also all my contemporaries can relate to this sentiment. I pondered upon which place that modern people, who are so steeped in customs and daily lives, can expect to be solely their own. My conclusion is that nature can be this alternative. At first glance, you might say that you have seen this scene before, but you can hardly tell where and when. It is because I drew and painted the scenery with my own feelings. The vivid colors with high chroma, the texture, and the fair figures that look like characters from romance comics all boil down to fantasies. She is still on a journey, crossing the boundary of reality.



profile about Leina Ahn

2004 B.F.A. Printmaking, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition
2020 I'll come to you / H contemporary gallery invitation exhibition
2020 INSIDE, OUTSIDE / Western Space Invitational Exhibition
2019 She is traveling / Exhibit Lee Museum of Art
2019 She is traveling / Air Force Training Command Invitational Exhibition
2018 Home / H contemporary gallery
2014 Me and the Other Me / Only GalleryGroup exhibition
2019 SEEA2019 / Seongnam Arts Center Gallery 808/ H Contemporary Gallery
2019 Link Art Fair / Gyeongnam MBC / Lee Museum
2018 SEEA2018 / Seongnam Art Center Gallery808 / H Contemporary Gallery
2018 Selected Art Games / Many Regions of Gyeonggi Province
2018 People's Choice / Cyart Space
2017 Let Your Heart Go / Gyeong-in Museum of Art / Lambant Gallery

A collection of works
Lee Museum of Art, Phil Corporation, Eugene Oriental Clinic, Hearing Dream Psychological Counseling Center

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