Flowers have the most outstanding figurative beauty of the object, which embodies the human image as a harmonious creature of nature, and the process of creation and extinction has long been an artistic material, likened to the life of man circulating in nature. For me, flowers are also a pleasing medium for painting splendor and beauty. The work of showing and expressing me through the opening of flowers is very interesting, and it is the work that gives me a lot of thought about the existence and value of flowers. Some people feel a loss of emotion from the instinct hidden behind the colorful back and the way they fall. It is a process of recording and striving for loss with the passion created in the absence, and it is an attempt to create a different perspective on the world, beyond the reenactment of nature. I am expressing the nature of human beings by the appearance of a flower. Flowers that form harmony of the order of nature have connotations of human appearance and have a ambivalent characteristic with both beauty and ugliness. My works start with a real flower figure. The way it works also sought to pursue a two-way style of expression by mixing abstract and realistic features.



profile about Nam, Joo Yeon

2018 Master of Fine Arts at Hongik University (MFA)
2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts at National Institute for Lifelong Education (NILE)
2009 Botanical Art teaching course at Flora Academy of Seoul Women’s University
1993 Bachelor of German department at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

Solo Exhibition 4 times, Group Exhibition and Art Fair 85 times.
The Botanical Art and Landscape teacher in Cultural Center from 2009.

Solo Exhibition
2020 Alterego, Gallery is, Seoul
2019 F, Gallery T2, Seoul
2018 Hongik University's Graduate School of Art Major in Painting. Hongik University Literature Museum Modern Art Museum
2013 Manupulated Loss, Gaon Gallery, Inchon

Group Exhibition 85 times.
2020 Without Fronties, International Virtual Art Exhibition, Nuevo León México
2020 Connection & People, Gallery 1898
2020 All the paintings in the world, Gallery godo
2020 Adieu Dystopia, Gallery Artcelsi
2020 Design Art Fair 2020, Hangaram Design Exhibition Hall, Seoul Arts Center
2020 National Arboretum Tropical Botanical Exhibition, Meeting with Vegetables. Special Exhibition Hall of National Arboretum
2020 Fleur Ville PARIS, Galerie PHD, Paris
2020 Yaksan Contemporary Art Show. Hangaram Design Exhibition Hall, Seoul Arts Center
2020 The 5th Seoul Woman’s University Flora Academy Instructor Exhibition, Lamer Gallery
2019 SEOUL ART SHOW, coex, Seoul
2019 Flow 流 2019, fall 秋, 無風地帶 Gallery. Beijing, China
2019 art 樂 festival. starfield x Ecorock gallery, Seoul
2019 freedom 2019 ‘Now & Future’ Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
2019 freedom 2019 'Tomorrow different from yesterday', Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong Art Museum
2019 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, Honh Kong
2019 Tree, Fruit and Botaniacl Art, Korea National Arboretum
2019 Connection and People, Gallery 1898, Seoul
2019 Flow, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul
2019 Workshop 1, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul
2018 SEOUL ART SHOW, coex, Seoul
2018 The Botanical Artist Society of Korea Exhibition, Ilwoo space
2017 Eco.F, Ecorock Gallery. Seoul
2015 Faber- castell Academy Exhibition, NuremBerg German
2015 細密畵具樂部 Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition. Tokyo Japan.
2015 Faber- castell Invitation exhibition. Guangzhou, China
2013 Korea-German Exchange Exhibition. Wuerzburg German.

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