The transition from a sign that hides something to a sign that hides the fact that there is nothing is a decisive turning point. The former can be attributed to the theology of truth and secrecy (ideology still belongs here). The latter opens the era of Simulacres and Simulation. Now that everything is resurrected after death, there is no longer anything metaphysical that can recognize the self. There is no longer any final judgment that can distinguish between truth from false and real reality from the resurrection of artificial reality. -Jean Baudrillard-

I greatly sympathize with this sociologist's writing, so my words are replaced with my artworks.



profile about Yoo Sung

Solo Exhibition 4 times
Galley Artcelsi (Seoul)
ARTNOW Gallery (Paju, Korea)
MIZ Gallery (Seoul)

2020 Adieu Dystopia (Gallery Artcelsi, Seoul)
2019 13 Salon ART Capital Grand Palais (Paris, France)
2018 The Beauty of Korea (Paris, France)
2018 35 Salon International (Palais des Congres de Vittel, France)
1978 Ind├ępendant' Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)
Art Fair-Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Singapore, China

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