A straight line
The lines represent a sense of security, dignity, and speed (the passage of time), and their own strengths are incorporated into the work.

Most works use a mixture of colors. He makes efforts to make his own colors and concentrates on the power of color. It is known that the human brain mobilizes experiences and memories when processing visual information, which has physiological and emotional effects beyond a simple visual action. This is why in modern society, we focus on color therapy.

The artist wants to transmit energy to everyone, and he controls his mind when working on his art to put his Over flowing energy and happy virus in the work and deliver positive and vibrant energy to the viewer.

What I'm trying to capture in the painting is not just the scenery itself that we see with our eyes. It is the light, wind, clouds, rain, fog, and sea of the fields that change every moment. It is a little happiness felt in that specific moment and a hopeful future that will reappear beyond.



profile about Zinna Yoo

Graduated from Dankook University of Arts
Hanyang University Art Psychotherapy Completion

Solo EXHIBITIONS 7 times.
2020 ‘Beyond’ Gallery Tom (Cheonggyecheon-ro, South Korea)
2020 ‘Stayction’ Hanil Gwan Gallery (Tongil-ro, South Korea)
2019 Gallery iLHO Gallery (Samcheong-ro, South Korea)
2019 KBS Viewers Gallery (Yeouido KBS Main Building, South Korea)
2019 Seobu space (Seoul Western District Court, South Korea)
2018 Gallery Tom (Munjeong-dong, South Korea)
2014 Ara Art Center (Insa-dong, South Korea)

2018 Korea Contemporary Women Art Contest (participation Award)
2018 Chungcheongnam-do Art Exhibition (Special Selection Award)
2017 Korea Modern Formative Arts Exhibition (Grand Prize Award)
2017 Moran Modern Art Exhibition (Special Selection Award)
2017 The 53th Korea Gyeonggi Art Exhibition
2016 Korea Contemporary Women Art Contest (participation Award)
2015 Asia Pacific Art wards Exhibition, (Asia Pacific Art Association)
2015 Hidalgo, USA Border festival Korean Fine Arts Show (Excellence award)

2020 The 3rd Mapo Art Market Pale indigo gallery (Mapo, South Korea)
2020 Busan Illustration Fair vol.1 Bexco 2A Hall (Busan, South Korea)
2020 AK Gallery 'LOVE & RESPECT' (Suwon-si, South Korea)
2020 Jinsan Gallery. (Hapjeong-dong,south Korea) a four-person Exhibition
2020 Namsan Gallery . (Huam-dong, south Korea) a three-person Exhibition
2020 Mapo Artists Association a regular Exhibition ( a gift Exhibition )
2019 ARSENE Artist, Exhibition of 50 people, The art world gallery (Insa-dong, south Korea)
2019 Minoo Museum of Contemporary art Young artist Exhibitions (Gongwon-ro, south Korea)
2019 Mapo Artists Association a regular Exhibition
2019 Gallery iLHO group Exhibitions (Samcheong-ro, south Korea)
2018 Gyeongui Line chaekkeori (mapo) a two-person Exhibition
2018 Hankyung group Exhibitions (Cheongpa-ro, south Korea)
2018 A beautiful companion (Samcheong-dong, south Korea)
2017 “ART ADDICTION” Exhibitions (Insa-dong, south Korea)
2017 KOREA Women Fine Art Association Exhibitions
2015 Asia Pacific Art Exhibition, Tokyo Provincial Museum of art (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 Taiwan . Korea Contemporary Art Invited Exhibitions (Chuto Hotel Special Venue, Taipei,Taiwan)

2019 New York “Affordable Art Fair” (Metropolitan Pavilion. New York)
2018 Seoul art show (COEX Convention) Samseong-dong, south Korea
2018 New York “Affordable Art Fair”
2018 Brunel Art Fair (Brunel The Empire Hotel Grand Banquest Hall)
2017 Seoul art show (COEX Convention) Samseong-dong, south Korea
2016 Seoul Modern Art (Hangaram Art Museum) Seocho-dong, south Korea

2020. 11. 'saatchi art' work has been selected for the next edition of the printed Holiday 2020 catalog, which is scheduled to arrive at about 250,000 households in the United States on November 11, 2020. (All Artworks 301)
2020. 10. 'saatchi art' New This Week Collection 10-12-2020 100 new paintings
2020. 07. ‘Art Week Campaign’ Artist Interview
2019. 10. Minoo Museum, “Young artist’ rising artist contest exhibit (Gongwon-ro, south Korea)
2019. 10 Samsung Electronics #BESPOKE Design Contest Advance to the finals
2017. 02 Monthly Media Magazine The artist of this Month

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